tales from the sagittarius arm

(rhapsody in technicolor)


my paws punched through the

black rubber soles of my chucks

and took root into the earth. a

rebel wave steeled my seven

centers, carved my body from

impossible bedrock. thirty feet

east you did the same. the vast

celestial canvas painted with the

dragon kings of the four seas

harmonized with the horizon of

the wolf star sculpted landscape.

a war cry of thunder announced

another deluge as the heavens’

water broke and the labor of a

new age began. i availed the

ancient art of hayagakejutsu to

cut the breath between us, you

the toltec gate of power. we

collided like atoms in a ballet of

nuclear fission. we spun for eons

in the fallout of our embrace.

we spun free from our forms and

pirated reincarnation grid

governed by the forty-two fools

of the bully fifteen. free from the

epoch of ancestral karmic debt

of a rogue timeline genocide.

free from the false light factory

farm matrix hissed through the

paraffin grin framed, brimstone

picket fence fangs by the pyrite

tongue of the demiurge. when i

returned to my body, you were

gone and the rain continued to

fall without pity. me and moa

made like mozi and lu ban on

the corner of tenth and ludlow

with the parish janitor’s key ring

clenched between kaleidoscope

teeth. we were struck then

swallowed by hun’s qo then the

surrounding horde of an ever

rising tide. we reappeared to

return the gaze of our grand

soul collective. we crawled to

the river and began a slow

baptism downstream,

two wayward floats

in an absurd cosmic parade.

we cells in the blood of our

mother a cell in a drop of all

creation. the northern core

shrew foraged for river beers.


i kneel again at the altar, finish

the ghost story from my future.

my ally adjusts his seat, thinks,

what have you learned?

i tell him,

there’s plenty of work for

a three-legged dog.