smile down the barrel


the sad-eyed and heedless

somnambulant huddling of

captive natives continue to

masticate poison fodder all

the while ignorant the soot

skinned stick and bindle

canary singing his swan

song in a red corner booth

opposite a midnight suit. a

honeycomb glimmer over

fog light eyes shines from

a heathered hazel static of

arcane mane haloed blue.

his tree bark beard braided

with white lichen a wildfire

waterfall crawling to his

wolf crested chest. under

the faltering fluorescents

he continues his manifest,


fort sumpter, civil;

battleship maine, spanish;

lusitania, world one…


he begins connecting the

dots of a picture i know

well. the nondescript black

right of the hidden hand

pulls a brimstone gripped

big iron emblazoned with

dragons of alpha draconis

and points it square the

third eye of the train car

prophet and his trashcan

fire. the locals pay no



pearl harbor, world two;

north goes south, korean;

gulf of tonkin, vietnam…


the shadow government

goon pulls the trigger and

paints the corner in oracle

bum brains and skull bits.

the gore fountain body

dissolves into the ether

and the candy viscera of

the head piñata becomes

a broken ornate plate of

winking bacon and eggs.

the locals pay no mind. a

waitress sweeps the spilt

mystic breakfast into a

dustpan. i fill the empty

seat in the red corner

booth and pick up the



uss liberty, six-day;

kuwait invasion, gulf;

nine eleven, global terror

and the proverbial sucker

punch to the drunk of the

unconscious masses

sporting shackles like

accessories, sating the

unspeakable appetites of

unseen masters in covert

frequencies and velvet

curtained dimensions. the

cruel irony of peace prizes

for presidents with empty

armories. the invisible cell

of wireless fidelity and the

digital wool for the analog

eyes of innocent creatures

claimed and baptized in

blood contracts at birth by

spiritual pirates sat in gold

thrones on concrete seas.


the locals pay no mind and

i smile down the barrel of

smoking underworld steel.