an annulus of

primeval order


the scrying cloud

that trails my hand

grows to fill our

field of vision until

we are enveloped

by the viscous

disco ball cosmos

it becomes. we

enter no-time in a

place between

space and feeling,

a sublime vertigo

suspended and

falling upward.

a pedigree portal

into a mammoth

bubble floating

through an arcane

ocean of iridescent

plasma. inside the

effervescent wall a

single story house

on a handful of

land lifted from the

corner of tinsmith

circle. a pastel

respite set atop an

inverted pyramid

painted with a

base of brilliant

lime and acmed in

lush caramel.

alone on the lawn

a mighty boxwood

manicured into

an evergreen

metatron’s cube.

a seven square

front pathway of

heathered gray

concrete poured

with perfect right

angles leads to

an easter blue

door. when the

last of the cloud

becomes our

verisimilar being

we stand as an

annulus of

primeval order.

joined in transit

by neut’s ally

as head of the

fifth pherecydean

recess inscribed

inside our sacred

ring, he is first to

offer thought into

the hive.


this sanctuary is

temporary, we’re

being followed

closely. we’ve

purchased just

enough mystery

to confuse what

pursues us so

we may divine

the tin foil ritual

our apprentices

are to preform,

he says to my

ally and the


man then nods

at neut and i.


his black crystal

ball eyes shine

from the indigo

crow head on

his cotton candy

blue silverback



my tree horned

pygmy cyclops

in pajamas ally

speaks next,


around a roaring

crabapple and

driftwood fire

lemurian crystals

and copper at

each point of the

rose at the onset

of the occultation.

while the new

moon brings the

night midday

the contract

revocation and


strike must be

read with

absolute ruthless

conviction in a

vigil of unbending



a highway mirage

begins to shimmer

between us.




man screams in

our minds,


get to house, get

inside the house!


the shimmer

expands, blinds,

and explodes.