alchemizing experience into wisdom


the trees applaud our queer concert

of furiously shaken celestial snow

globes all sharing shelf space on an

infinite cabinet of cosmic co-creation

with a tremendous chorus of leaves

clapping in a deafening rustle. we set

sail the subsequent gust past the fire

and dock along the bluegrass shores

of the field of the warrior beyond the

grand veil. it’s here we shine in orbit

of one another as ancient sentient

cells of the universal being,

graduating with honor in the school

of purpose. finding ever firm fetters

in a new color of frequency we return

to the camper of creature comforts to

enter the realm of the unseen, it’s

here we sleep. the sunrise stirs us

into a consciousness stasis between

the first and second attention as we

pilot ourselves into the majesty of

nature. we spend the day in homage

to our lineage, cleansing the land

with hand and heart. a pre-dusk hush

heralds the grace of six paper angels

and we walk the path to the shaman’s

bubble of meadow to again gaze in

awe and a harmony of contest into

the eternal eyes of our stellar soul

collective like punch drunk lovers on

an alien planet. moa documents our

astral energetic exchange for

posterity and mirth. we spiral to

the fire and hesitate a peculiar light to

our right. neut and i update dna in the

spectral static of the sacred flame as

moa picks the first bone of pax’s fort

sumter. they proceed to spin in a

cartoon cloud of fists and grawlix

hieroglyphics. we follow their civil

storm to the shelter of our tin foil cave.

inside, we make clubhouse hats and

neut plays a song on a dog-eared

acoustic that pulls my drawstring till i

unravel from my marrow and weep

with gusto. i cry myself clean from my

body. i return with a tickle, through the

door in my navel and embrace the holy

absurdity of both laughing and crying